Tired of living a stagnant life? This year, make a commitment to change! We have 50 tips to get you off your booty and on your way to fitness. These won’t replace a regular exercise plan, but it’s certainly better than laying around all day.

1. Buy a pedometer. Track your steps for a week and see what your average is. Then challenge yourself to go further every day!

2. Park further away. Those extra steps will add up! Parking further away will be especially helpful if you use our pedometer tip from above.

3. Do squats while you wait for the microwave. You’ll have a tight tush before you know it! Learn the proper form for a squat here.

4. Do calf raises while you brush your teeth or wait in a line. The beauty of calf raises is that you can do them anywhere! Get in the habit of doing them in the beginning of the new year and you might even find yourself doing them subconsciously in a few months.

5. Use commercials wisely. Duing a commercial break of your favorite TV sow, run up and back down the steps, do some crunches or see how long you can plank. It will give you a whole new appreciation for DVR!


6. Squeeze your booty! In the grocery store, at the bank, no one will know!

7. Take a walk. When you go out to your car in the morning, walk to the end of the street and back. It’ll help wake you up too!

8. At work, go to the bathroom on a different floor, taking the stairs. It allows you to get out of the office for a few minutes; plus, you can explore your office building!

9. Do pushups against the wall as you wait for water to boil. As you can see, we find time to work out even in the smallest increments. Every little bit helps!

10. Get rowdy with the kids! Play tag or shoot some hoops to release some of your energy — and most importantly, theirs!

11. Do some light arm work with dumbbells while you wait for your face mask or hair removal cream to set for a few minutes.

woman dumbbells

12. Can’t get outside with the kids? Play hide and seek through the whole house. That will get you on your feet and up and down some steps. No peeking!

13. Do leg lifts from your desk chair or when you’re relaxing on the living room couch.

14. Change up your usual squats with one of these variations. Gotta keep things interesting!

15. We recommend packing lunch so you save money and calories, but if you have to dine out, walk and take a longer route to the restaurant. You’ll get a little extra time away from your desk and a little more fitness.

16. Turn on music as you get ready in the morning and dance along. Just a little grooving is better than not moving! It will get your blood pumping and your brain will release some feel-good endorphins to start your day.

woman singing headphones

17. Instead of using the remote to change the channel or volume, actually get up and do it manually on the TV. Not only will you appreciate your remote more, but you’ll probably have more patience with your TV shows!

18. Do these small exercises at your office desk. They’ll help pass the long workday

19. Use dumbbells as you watch the morning news or weather channel. Just make sure you’re keeping good form!

20. Do the dishes by hand. Yes, it’s more work than the dishwasher, but the scrubbing will burn extra calories! Another pro tip: wear gloves to avoid damaging your skin and nails.

21. During work breaks, walk up a few flights of stairs instead of walking to the vending machine.

Brooke Stairs

22. Switch your desk chair out with a stability ball. This will help to strengthen your core and back muscles. Check out some exercises to do with a stability ball here.

23. If you’re waiting for piano lessons to end, don’t wait in the car! Get up and walk up and down the street to pass the time.

24. Try doing wall sits to pass the time during a long phone call with the cable company or your great aunt. Waste none of your precious time!

25. Don’t be afraid to fidget. If you’re sitting in a long meeting and you are feeling antsy, tap your toes or swivel your chair. Any moving is better than nothing! Plus, it will keep your brain stimulated and your droopy eyelids will be less likely to embarrass you.

26. Try doing some chair dips on the couch as you watch TV! You shall be a couch potato no more!

chair dip

27. Park far away at the grocery store. When you leave, ditch the cart at the exit and carry your bags to the cars.

28. Do lunges around the house. Need to grab something from the living room? Lunge down the hall! Your kids can get in on the action too.

29. Jog in place as you wait for your car to heat up this winter. Your car shouldn’t be the only one warming up!

30. Drink more water. Not only is is it essential for your health, but you’ll also be getting up more to refill and to use the bathroom.

31. Tense and release your ab muscles when sitting at your desk to keep your body awake and moving!

desk stretch

32. Take a grocery lap. The healthiest food usually placed along the perimeter of the grocery store. Try sticking to the freshest foods and the longest walking route!

33. Have a family game night that’s active. Try Wii, Kinect, or a lively game of Charades! Family game nights are so underrated.

34. Do some chores! These seasonal chores are a great way to burn calories!

35. Watch your posture. Sitting up straight will keep muscles all throughout your torso engaged and help you burn a few extra calories.

36. Instead of hitting a car wash, do it yourself! You can even enlist the help of your kids for some outdoor fun as you burn some extra calories.

washing car

37. Spend soccer practices walking around the field. You can watch your kids from all viewpoints and fit in some exercise!

38. While you’re waiting for a doctor appointment, take a walk around the building. Just ask the receptionist how long it will be and go on your merry way.

39. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have to go to a very high floor, take the elevator up part way and walk the last four flights. After a few weeks you won’t even be out of breath.

40. Find a buddy who also wants to get fit. Every time you do something good for yourself (like go to the gym, take the steps, plank during commercial breaks, etc.) text each other. It’ll motivate you both and keep you on track.

41. If work isn’t far away, try riding your bike. You’ll get some exercise in and it’s a great stress reliever!

couple riding bikes outside

42. If work is too far, try taking public transit. You’ll get in extra walking to and from your bus stops, plus some standing time. Not too mention the money you’ll save on gas.

43. Clean with flair! Jam out to this cleaning playlist and do some dance moves as you dust!

44. Eat during the first 20 minutes and take a walk for the other 40 of your lunch break. Grab some coworkers if you don’t want to go alone!

45. When you’re filling your tank, don’t sit and wait in the car. Take a quick lap around the parking lot or browse the gas station store; just be careful you don’t impulse buy unhealthy snacks.

46. Walk your dog daily. Fido needs exercise just as much as you do. Pets shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of their owner’s laziness!

woman running with dog

47. If you live in a two-story home, use the bathroom on the other floor. It could even give you some added privacy.

48. Skip the drive-thru at banks and coffee shops. Park the car and walk in to burn a few extra calories. Interacting with the bank teller or barista will boost your brain power as well!

49. Only watch your favorite TV shows while you work out. That way, you’ll be so much more motivated to break a sweat!

50. Have sexy time. A roll in the hay is a great way to burn lots of calories and spend some much needed time with the hubby.

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